HONEST: Should I reduce my boobs?

DISCLAIMER: I am consulting my doctor, this is purely asking for ladies with/without experience for opinions..

I’m a 38G cup (UK) and I’ve been contemplating getting a reduction as since I’ve been working out lately, it’s been getting rough on my body..

I am in a good spot health wise, very toned and fit but things have been getting to that point but.. I just don’t know if I want to lose my boobs.

Is it like losing a part of yourself? Been there since high school.. why would I want them to go away? Haha.. I probably sound childish but honestly, this is tough.

Based on anyone experiences would getting one be beneficial? Please and thank you.

NOTE: If you have any question, ask, I won’t post a photo of myself for everyone’s sake lol.. I’m 6’1 and 200 pounds also.
HONEST: Should I reduce my boobs?
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