How do you live with low blood pressure?

I'm 27 and my blood pressure is always hanging around 90/60. Many doctors are worry and advice me to drink more water, exercise more, but I exercise nearly an hour everyday and I drink enough water already. Some doctors did thorough tests to see if I have underlying problems and they can't seem to find anything unusual. πŸ˜‚
Just asking around how others like me are living with this condition: sometimes I forgot and change my positions too fast, I would lose my vision and balance for a while, basically end up with my forehead on the ground. πŸ™ƒ Or just suddenly zone out while talking. And blood tests, πŸ™„ I come out of the place with 5-6 failed shots and 2-3 people feeling relieved after being able to take my blood.
Any kind of diet or habit or exercise I should consider? It's not like this is extremely bad or anything, but any other advice would be very much appreciated other than dumping salt into my plate. 😝
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Just to update: Im not on any medication, I do take multivitamins once a day.
It's not really that bad, but the older I get the more socially awkward it becomes, and nowadays if I land on the ground people would think I have covid or sth 😂
How do you live with low blood pressure?
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