Will you get the covid vaccine when it becomes available?

it may start to become available is some countries by mid to late December or early 2021 . it will initially only be for health care workers and high risk people such as seniors or those with medical conditions. but eventually it will be available to a wider % of the population , it appears the Pfizer and mederna vaccines are not for use in those under 18 and i'm unsure which vaccine if any is

myself i'd prefer to wait and see how effective they are before getting a shot as i feel at this stage its a bit too early to know for sure there level of effectiveness and how long immunity lasts , and i'm not in a high risk group or anything. although some airlines might require people to have one and events like concerts may also when they eventually re start. so it could be a pain if you don't have one.
yes i'll definity try to get one when i quality or there available
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only if i'm required for employment or educational reasons
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considering it but want to know more about effectiveness , other potential options
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anti vaccine for sure not getting one
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other please explain
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Will you get the covid vaccine when it becomes available?
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