Anyone else had the vaccine yet?

Sisters had it done as her doctor was doing them that day luckily, so her and another went.

How was it for you? Sister is waiting for her booster now. She only had a sore arm for a bit, but it went off quickly. She's still fine and it's been about 2 weeks now I think.
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No not yet. Hopefully soon
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Soon. I have an appointment for it.
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No. Not taking it.
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17 d
@Soltice777 it's not just about you... Even with the virus having a Hugh survival rate, you can be a carrier... YOU may not die from it, but someone else you pass it on to may die... The vaccine is to stop you and other carriers passing it to the more vulnerable. Its to protect them more than you.
17 d
Added a damn reply to the updates on accident lol 😂
Anyone else had the vaccine yet?
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