I am such a bad dog mom?

I am in need of advice.

My dog is half paralyzed, i have to help him to the bathroom. I catheterize him 3 to 4 times a day to help him go to the bathroom, but since I catheterize him he gets UTI's and I try my best to sterilize the rubber cath, they are chronic and they told me this (the vet). I am stressed because now I have to get his teeth cleaned and I am worried that he is not gonna make it, everytime he gets off of the antibiotics he gets it back again. He is older about 12 but has so much life to him. He's got really bad teeth, and I need to do something. he does have antibiotics left for his UTI the last time I took him in, but I wanna get his teeth done then start saving again to take him in to get his urine checked again.
What do I do? Do I take him in to get the UTI figured out first? Then set up for the dental cleaning later on? I have been off work for COVID related reasons but have about 400 dollars in my account but I wanna take him in. Especially after the holidays. I am so worried, I feel like a bad dog mom and I wanna be a better mom to him. I feel like I have been way too involved in my selfish needs and have neglected his care.
I am such a bad dog mom?
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