Recommendations for blocking out sound while sleeping?

does anyone have any suggestions of earbuds or anything designed to help you sleep? over the past few years my sleep has gotten worse because i can't fall asleep, stay asleep, and am a very light sleeper. my family is very inconsiderate of this, and stays loud. i got past the inability to sleep after finally convincing them to buy my melatonin pills. now, i just would like to stay asleep. i wake up on my own throughout the night anyways, but its usually fairly easy to fall back asleep. but when my family wakes me up from being noisy, there's no chance of me falling back asleep. it needs to be silent for me to sleep, even the slightest hint of noise will keep me up or wake me up. im just so tired (figuratively and literally) from this. my family, especailly my brother, just say "just dont listen" after being loud and waking me up. the rest of my family thinks im making it up for attention.
its not like im sleeping at unreasonable hours either. for example, last semester i had my first class at either 9am or 10am, whereas my brother had his at 8am. i had no reason to be waking up at 8am or earlier, but i was forced to most times because everyone is so loud and my brother just blasts his online lesson at max volume and refuses to turn it down (i can hear him from 2 rooms down).
right now im on a different break schedule than my brother, and again, i woke up at 8am on my break because of the same reason.

im also most likely going to live in a dorm room next year and i assume ill have very similar problems, so i def need to buy something to help me sleep.
some sort of earbuds would be the best, as i can then be able to hear my alarm in the morning.
Recommendations for blocking out sound while sleeping?
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