How does my new diet sound?

Lately I've been trying to avoid eating so much so I've been kind of doing a "half food/half liquid" diet. Sometimes I won't even "eat" until dinner time. On those days I'll get a smoothie with kale and some greens blended with fruit and protein powder... then I'll eat an average dinner. But then, on the days I do eat earlier, I'll eat lunch, but then drink a fresh cold pressed juice, typically with some kind of antioxidant benefit. Sometimes I'll get one with turmeric, others with be a vegetable/fruit juice combo... and I'm really trying to start back on getting my daily vitamins.

But it's been pretty consistent where I'm trying to drink a lot of fresh juices and limit my food intake and cut it down a bit, still find ways to get some protein, and then just make sure I take a daily vitamin. I'm not necessarily changing what I'm eating, just trying to do less of it, along with a more organic, liquid diet mixed in.
How does my new diet sound?
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