My cousin is a really dumb lady, isn't she?

My female cousin works for a public hospital in my country. She believes of course the virus is real but she does not take care much about herself outside the hospital. I mean she does wear mask when going to supermarkets or stores, that she does and also she keeps distance in those public places. But she does not follow the procedures much when she gathers with her family (her parents, her daughter and her son in law , her brother and his kids) at their respective houses when she visits them, because she says they are just a few people and not big crowds where the virus is more exposed and it more easy to get infected.

In fact, for Dec 24th and Dic 31st. my brother my mom and I went to ahve dinner with them as they invited us, but still we were just a few people inside my male cousin house, we were like 11 people, so not like big crowds or anything similar, the reason this female cousin who works at the hospital never told us or her family to follow any precautions, it was not necessary as we were not that highly exposed to the virus anyway, cause at my cousisn house it was jsut family, not strangers or outsiders ( well... my cousin did invite his girlfriend and he sees her often on a regular basis) and not so many people, just like 11 people.

Also this cousin who works in a hospital hug us and even gave us kisses during Dic 24 and Dic 31st. I mean she works at the hospital Im sure knows, the risk of the virus nd if she says that those family dinners we had was not that risky, it must be for something, otherwise she won't even had invited my mom, my brother or me to join in.

The thing is that this cousin had already the vaccine 2 weeks ago, but her parents, her sibling, her daughter and her family has not been vaccinated yet and we dont know until when it will be our turn. So she is happy she is vaccinated. So since she is vaccinated she is alreayd making plans to travel this year, to USA or to Europe and even take her best friend (who also
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works at the hospital and it is already vaccinated) with her. My cousin, her brother and I were making plans 3 months ago to travel to Europe but Europe has not opened theri borders to citizens of our country yet and so far it is uncertain until when cause I heard cases in Europe ar rising. I replied to a person in FB where this person says it be so nice to go to Disney and I answered "Ohh it be nice but I believe travel this year is not possible, cases are rising all over the world".
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My cousin read this comment and interpreted that I dont want to go to Europe with her and her brother and she told me she will leave me out then from the traveling group. I replied to my cousin that "of course I will like to go but to Europe we can't travel yet we will have to wait that was the reason of my comment. So my cousin response was: "I think this year we can travel sure, im already vaccinated anyway" then her best friend replied "If she does not go I go then, Im also vaccinated".
My cousin is a really dumb lady, isn't she?
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