Do you have a primary or favourite exercise?

This just came to me because I just finished exercising in my room and

the ones I primarily work at is lifting dumbbells because I have done it for so long and requires no special technique to doing it

I then move on to doing sit ups, I find it a lot easier to do when listening to music because it keeps my mind off the strain, if I had no distractions then I would definitely not be able to do as many.

Today I tried doing squats to build up muscle in my legs because while they are relatively strong, they are still not adequate for my size, so I wanted to try and build up that muscle... Not remembering to do stretches beforehand, I still got 22 squats done but afterwards my legs felt like they would give in, it was then that I realised that I should have done stretches, so I did stretches and rested for a bit, drank water, went back at it with the dumbbells since my arms had rested, then went at it with the sit ups and finally tried at it with the squats and I just managed to get about 8 more in Hahahaha! Practice Practice Practice!
Do you have a primary or favourite exercise?
So I was doing the ones on the left, had no idea they were called this :p

What do you like doing most as exercise? ^_^
Do you have a primary or favourite exercise?
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