Combination birth control pill taken out of order?

Hi Ladies,
Today is the first day i took a birth control pill.
Im hella nervous and I have questions in regards to some complications,

1. the doctor (online appointment) told me to start taking the pills on my first day of the upcoming period, so naturally i was waiting to receive the online prescription which wasn’t sent until my 3rd day of period aka toda and I took my first pill.

2. NOW my stupid blind ass didn’t see the micro text writting ‘start’ and pointing to a pill for Monday (name of the days were not indicated on the package) and instead took the one for Sunday. I know it was a huge mistake since they all contain different amount of hormones and I wasn’t supposed to take the Sunday one, and now im

Please let me know what i can do, i have to book an appointment a month in advance for the doctor who gave me the prescription so i cannot do nothint now.
Combination birth control pill taken out of order?
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