Obesity, weight problems, and depression?

I’ve been obese my entire life. I have hypothyroidism and i use food to comfort myself alongside my antisocial behaviour and insecurities i’ve put myself indoors and tried to avoid people for GOOD reasons. I’m severely sensitive and whatever comments i’d get affect me I don’t wanna hear it, every time i’m out i feel like i’m the “elephant”, literally, in the room and i am getting the attention I don’t want. It makes me feel terrible especially because of my sensitivity and shyness. I tried nearly every type of a diet my BMI is 36.9 which means i’m on class II obesity. I can’t change it i started to consider a bypass surgery which my parents rejected as I’m actually mobile and have no serious conditions they want me to try dieting. So now i’m on my last try of a diet, i started dieting 3 weeks ago and to say the least i am for sure losing weight but i feel terrible, I actually have no appetite at all i am allowed 3 meals a day and I almost always skip my breakfast... when its lunch time the doctor required me to take 7 spoons of rice. I can’t even have that anymore i can do 5, i am consuming way 500 cals a day and I can’t force myself to eat or feel motivated, i am also missing muscles around (7kgs) which my doctor said i should build through the consumption of meat. I don’t know why i feel this way. Almost too tired/exhausted to do anything... my doc noticed that in my appointment and he asked me if i feel tired from the diet or anything as its very visible and I don’t think the problem is the diet i think i am the problem a week ago he asked me if I’m starving myself, i think that i am, not on purpose but I don’t have the appetite nor the energy for this, i am tired of being fat, i think i’m on a food strike and my body is my biggest motivator, my body is rejecting food, I almost can not stand food at this point i can barely finish my cup of tea without a struggle and i feel like I won’t stop until i lose my weight. Did anyone experience this?
Obesity, weight problems, and depression?
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