Does anyone have tips on weight loss?

So for most of my life I've always been a big girl and that played a huge role with my self confidence deteriorating. I have been put on diets and exercising plans since year 5/grade 5 and I'm not in my final year of high school (grade 12/year 12/matric). I do try and stay motivated but it just feels like I'm going nowhere. I am 5'9 / 176cm and i weigh 115kg / 253 pounds. I am not looking for any judgement or body slandering. I just genuinely can't look at myself and be confident and happy especially since all my friends are smaller than i am. I don't mind working out but is there perhaps someone that i can have as a support structure or daily reminder on how i should exercise because i tend to make excuses when i do it alone which is a self discipline problem. I'm open to any tips or ideas as I'm trying to set a 3 month goal and eventually wear the prom/matric dress i want without having to feel insecure.
Does anyone have tips on weight loss?
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