Are these 10 steps a good start to improving my daily health/routine?

Atm, weekends will not be included. I want to at least do this Mon-Thur, some Fridays.
1. Do at least 10 Stretches when waking
(Literally haven't stretched in like 10 years. I was honestly just working out without ever stretching. I guess this explains many of my abdominal/back/leg injuries now.)
2. Around 9am, drink a bottle of Sunny D or a bottle of water AND eat a rice/oat cake OR eat one turkey sausage croissant.
(I hardly drink water so trying to improve because soda was my water. And i dont drink real orange juice. haven't since probably age 5 around the same time I quit drinking milk because i hate the taste/burn of both.)
3. Workout on the bike for 30 mins in morn.
(I was only doing this late nights at first.)
4. Try to sit up straight more during the seated hours of my new shift 11-8p.
(Believe it or not, i turned my desk into a bed and was laying around. I want to better my posture. I hate working night shift but I’ll get 3 breaks. Two 15 mins, one 30 minute.)
5. Around 2pm, take 15 min break and eat a handful of walnuts and drink a bottle of water.
(I haven't eaten nuts since like age 10. I hope i still like walnuts/pecans.)
6. Around 4pm, take 30 min lunch and eat a cup of fruits and drink a bottle of water.
(I’m very picky so only eating a few Red Grapes, Red Apple Slices, and Chopped Pineapple. I used to only eat fruit like 4 weeks a year. I know thats bad.)
7. Around 7pm, take 15 min break and maybe only drink a bottle of water.
(I’m trying to space water out throughout my day. I used to chug about 3-9 bottles of water in 2 hours and call it a day.)
8. Around 8pm, eat baked chicken or a baked pork chop with a side of corn or peas and sip a cup of cranberry juice.
(Will try to eat without Louisiana hot sauce)
9. Around 9pm, Do stretches AGAIN and workout on bike for 30 min.
10. Try to sleep at least 7 hours.
(Probably won’t sleep til 12am. But try to sleep longer than the 6 hours or less I’ve been doing.)
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23 d
Omg i just ate a walnut and 😭🤢🤮 how the heck did i eat these for fun as a kid. My gramps had me hooked on em. But now its just awful. Its all crumbly in my throat and hard to swallow. Im not having an allergic reaction but these just aren't the type nuts i prefer in my mouth 🤣 Also would it be fine to add ham sandwiches as my lunchmeat and maybe collards (since i dont eat salad) on weekends
20 d
Wow this may sound crazy but in just 3 days, im already able to fit this outfit that i struggled to get in on Monday. This is amaze balls! Too bad im about to chow down on this soup/breadsticks/pasta at Olive Garden tonight 🤣 but im gonna try to keep this up and do the 10 steps above at least 5 days a week. 🙏
Are these 10 steps a good start to improving my daily health/routine?
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