The fundamental problem with 'equallity' of people with different capacities - 'keeping up with the Joneses'?

If you think about it for a second, just as someone who can lift 100kg of weights in the gym has a higher muscle capacity than someone who can lift 25kg, the same goes for our mental abilities (and interest in those).

Yet we have this totalitarian insistence on commoditising everything so each person can be identical - thus resulting in the 'lowest common denominator' approach (i. e. the maximum allowed to be lifted is 10kg - so no one feels inferior)

This in turn hugely blocks the science and progress of the overall living conditions.
Off the top of my head, I can think of at least two major inventions for energy production and at least one for completely revolutionising transport (the sort of stuff Tesla tries but gets wrong). That is without the IoT ideas (all implementable) I have - which, again cannot be used since those of lower mental capacity would feel envious (even if they would benefit)

All because we must keep up with the Joneses. God forbid you admit to yourself 'hey, I can lift 10kg, so I am happy with that being my capacity'- there is always some Church/'higher authority' insisting on at least 25kgs, whilst abusing those who can already lift 100kg as 'selfish, privileged bastards'.

Anyone with ideas how to solve this, i. e. how to gain widespread social acceptance for everyone pursuing the maximum of their own abilities rather than some imaginary standard that never will be achievable? (as society, we spend about 90% of mental energy on giving help to those who can life 10kgs so they feel stronger - and overloading those who can lift more so they get blocked - leading to their unwillingness to bother (in the end, for the muscles to attrophy to the 10kg level across the board is not difficult at all - you drink, take drugs, ruin your mind - et voila, we are all equally idiotic).
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Just to add to this - on top of it being socially unacceptable to be _that smart_ - you can only get away with it by giving your ideas away for free and getting paid some peanuts for brining those out as concrete, usable products - by the time you sign the NDAs and transfer of intellectual property to the usual big players, you're fundamentally left with almost nothing.
The fundamental problem with 'equallity' of people with different capacities - 'keeping up with the Joneses'?
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