Do you consider yourself to have good health in comparison with other people you know?

Do you consider yourself to have good health in comparison with other people you know?
I mean even people in your same age group or even younger? When I mean good health it means you rarely get sick or even seriously sick. When I mean rarely sick it could mean even basic things such as having a normal headache, stomachache, normal flu, muscle pain (unless you work out hard or lift something that you should not have lifted) but you dont even have , gastritis, hearthurn, headaches (to name just common conditions people have) those things I had heard many people suffer and just with some medications they get a relief. In summary you rarely get sick of anything.

I know people in my age group or younger that always have heartburn episodes or gastritits, and they always had to be on pills , but maybe because they do suffer from that often, so because they have those conditions they know the can tell you the name of the medications by memory (haha!!) without even going to the pharmacy first. Or also they suffer from headache often as well or some kind of skin allergy, among other many health conditions a personc an often suffer but they are not so seriously grave but they suffer it often and they always have to take medications.

I have an aunt who is 73 years old but she does not like to take chemical stuff from the things she suffer (not seriously or grave thank God) so she does not believe much in regular Medicine much on natural medicine and natural medications. But even if it is natural medicaitons or pills, she always have her conditions not even natural things can get rid of. For instance she is stomach sensitive for certain foods, so she does eat certain food cause it makes her stomach sick, so she takes natural remedies to fix it and she says it relieves her.

But hey but I always ask my self what is the reason to take a medication to relieve your problem if the problem still persists because you have to take the medication often even regular or natural, alternative medicine?
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Likes aying "take this medication it will get rid of your pain"
So you take it and indeed it can fix your problem, but then the problem show up again weeks after and again you take the medication to get rid of the pain or the issue and one more time the condition is fixed but then it shows up again,. I mean it is a full circle. You take the medication to get rid of the problem but the problem will never go away and you take the medication each time the
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the issue arises, so it is not that the problem is completely fixed and never return at all, because each time it shows up you continue to get the medication, os it means your issue will never be fixed with medications or pills, maybe just momentarily but not forever.

I have a friend who she is very prone to have gastritis or heartburn and she says "each time a heartburn episode comes I take this pill and it fixes me. So that means she will never get rid of the heartburn
Do you consider yourself to have good health in comparison with other people you know?
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