What you guys can do while suffering from Major Depression without medications?

Ok, I've been diagnosed as having Major Depression since age 14, started to have signs of it by thinking one day in the summer time before my 8th grade year in middle school, that I didn't want to go back to school. Mainly because a friend of mine wasn't going to be there as I thought originally, but I saw him on my first day of school that year, but still things doesn't seems right for me, I gotten so depressed over the fact I been infatuated with a female teacher and she seems to always gave recognition and respect to this other student more than me, I feel low as I thought I wasn't the perfect student. Almost halfway in the year, I began to have anger problems, arguing with the teacher, putting her down over the students, I even had problems with the students, was so destructive in class, I cusses, knock over tables, slammed them and lockers, everything you can think of. I eventually seek a school therapist and she diagnosed as being Depressed, eventually I gotten into a complete panic attack when I was removed from her class permanently and then wanted to kill myself over that, I even emailed her that I want to kill myself also.

Eventually things gotten better afterward with the teacher, but my Depression continued, I was prescribed to Prozac back then, but my mother being ignorant cut off the medication from me, in 9th grade in High school there's a girl I was like, and I asked her out and she rejected me, and choose another guy that asked her out over me, I felt more depressed and even felt like I'm worthless for a woman as I asked two other girls, they were all friends of hers and they rejected me, and I thought this girl had connections to the other declines. Later in the year she did empathetic towards me but I failed her by when one time I was down and making tears in our class and refused to read a book, and she encouraged me but I didn't do what she told me to and I felt down again.

I'm 21, and back being on meds, but how to cope without them?
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That not the whole story, I didn't added in all of this due to the question details' limited typing. in 10th grade, I was more Depressed didn't want to be in school again, and skipped lunch a-lot and assembly meetings, I loss a-lot of weight, in 8th grade, I turned to Alcohol as I thought it might've makes me feel better, of-course I was sick but the buzz from the drinking makes me doesn't gave a damn about the female teacher or student I was infatuated with. I still drink and now it worse.
What you guys can do while suffering from Major Depression without medications?
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