Do you think something is wrong?

So, I have battled with my sleepiness for as long as I can remember. If you ask me what my hobbies are, the thing is, I like to sing and dance, but you can't do that anywhere, you have to be in a class setting or by yourself at home. But then i realized, my preferences for work are postions where I move around and talk to people, otherwise, I will easily dose off. So, since I can't sing and dance, I normally go to sleep when I have nothing nothing do. But, is this because singing, dancing, talking require oxygen, and if I am not using my normal oxygen when I am still, is something not happening that is making me sleepy? I'm not saying it's low, it's just i think we are supposed to feel alert even if you're still, but i cannot. School is very tough for me, but my teachers say i am smart, but I "sleep" during class. Is something wrong?
Do you think something is wrong?
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