What can I do about my girlfriend's weight? She looks AWFUL! Does she have an eating disorder?

She's 5'3 with a petite bone structure. During a period of severe depression, I watched her go from her normal 110 lbs up to 145 lbs and then down to almost 85 lbs. She's put some weight back on, but she still looks like nicole richie when she's on the tabloids for being too skinny. I felt really bad about it, but at one point I resorted to telling her she had the body of a crackhead. She was very hurt by that, and I could thrown myself in front of a bus for making her feel that way, but I was desperate and the only idea I had left was to shock her and attack her appearance, which is why she lets herself get so skinny in the first place. I just wanted her to change.

Here's the biggest problem: she doesn't really have a textbook eating disorder. I know she's not bulimic, because she hates throwing up and always said she'd hate to mess up her teeth with all the stomach acid. She's also grossed out by laxatives and all that stuff, so she's not doing that either. And she eats every day and she always defends herself by saying that she eats the recommended six small meals 2-3 hours apart. but she still only gets about 1000 calories a day because it's lean cuisine dinners and stuff like that.

also, her doctor told her that she was OK at a minimum of 105, so obviously she won't let herself get a pound over that, it's getting ridiculous. and now it's like she has a doctor's consent to be that way. even her mom doesn't seem concerned. but her face is sunken in and she looks literally like a bag of bones. I don't get why no one else cares.

she was so hot when I met her, it was almost annoying dealing with a different dude hitting on her every 5 minutes, haha. now I wouldn't give her the time of day if I didn't know her. we have a lot of history, and I love her, so it doesn't really matter, but obviously it sucks that she looks bad when she could look very good, she's only 28. but it's like looking at a skeleton. I saw her for the first time in 6 months yesterday (we had broken up due to things unrelated to us, but we're getting back together) and she looks TERRIBLE. and she told me she had put 10 lbs on because it would make me happy. I'd hate to see her before! supposedly she weighs 105, but I can't believe it. and I feel like I'm going nuts, because no one else says a thing, because she's very explosive if you bring it up, and swears up and down she's eating just fine and that she's naturally small and skinny, which she is, just not to this extent. but I'm worried about her health, but without her family's support and with her doctor somehow saying her weight is acceptable, I don't know what to do. any ideas? HELP!

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just want to clarify, this isn't about what she looks like for the sake of attractiveness. it's about her health and well-being. and I'm very aware that insulting her will damage her self-esteem, that's why I feel so bad for doing it that one time. I only included that to illustrate the desperation of the situation, and how it's left me behaving out of character and willing to commit lesser evils to get a greater positive result.
What can I do about my girlfriend's weight? She looks AWFUL! Does she have an eating disorder?
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