Wisdom teeth & night sweats, is there a connection?

I get night sweats every single night and sometimes I get so hot and I won't even sweat.This always happens when I have that time of the month,but the last few months it's happening every night and sometimes through the day. I've checked my temperature so many times and it's normal.I thought it was my pill doing it so I came off it and it's still happening.I do have anxiety but they don't think that is what's causing it.It's really effecting my sleep and I get extremely hot and it will last a few hours to the point it's hard to cool myself down.I have impacted wisdom teeth and I'm waiting to have surgery to have them removed,I've had previous infections with them too. I'm just wondering if all the sweating and the heat is caused by my wisdom teeth?If anyone else has noticed this?The doctors can't seem to figure out what's causing it,they're not too sure about it being hormonal either.It's driving me insane,if anyone could help that would be great,or even if anyone has had similar problems let me know!Thanks!


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  • Ask your Doctor.

    • Obviously,I have done that.I already mentioned that they don't know what's causing it.I have already asked them and they said "possibly".So I am asking if anyone else has had a similar problem.

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