Popped pimple and now have a red mark help!

Do red spots on face from popped pimples eventually go away? And how long does it take? ...what should I do to get rid of them? ..its not a hole,more like a spot that is redder than the rest of my face...


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  • A lot of people like to pop pimples because it makes them pretty much instantly go away. The problem is that popping pimples can cause scarring. My doctor told me this so I know it's true. I had bad acne when I was younger, really bad, and she told me never to pop my pimples because it could cause scarring.

    The best thing to do is to let it go away on it's own. You can put tooth paste on it at night to dry it out, but don't pop it. You can also use toner to help keep skin clear and free of dirt. Use an ex foliating face wash to get rid of dead skin and dirt. These will help keep pimples away.

    You will still get the odd pimple, but they do eventually go away.

    The red mark may go away in a week or so. Just keep it clean. What probably happened was that when you popped it, the skin became irritated and bled a little. This is normal when a pimple breaks. Just make sure you keep it clean.

    • Alright thanks!

      There is a red spot that has been there for a month or so,it is not obviously visible,but it is there,and redder than the rest of my face and it shows even more in pictures which I don't get...anyways is there any way to get rid of it? Do you think it will go away on its own? It is like light pink ...I tried using scar reducing products but its still there...I don't know what to do...

    • I found that toner helped make my skin appear clearer. The only thing you can do is try it out. It should fade over time eventually.

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  • It will go away after some time. Ice might help. Otherwise, just leave it alone, and it will go away on it's own.

  • It does go away but might take a while

    Try acne cream

  • put ice on it

    • That can help, yeah. They do go away on their own, too. But yeah, ice can sometimes help.

    • Oh but I have like super sensitive skin,wouldn't ice make it redder? Because its happened before...

      How long the the spot take to go away? Because one has been there for over a month and I am freaking out!

    • wrap the ice in a damp paper towel and lightly dab the area