Natural beauty or Make-up free ?

As the title suggests, it is widely assumed by most women that the two don't necessarily go hand in hand, and are different.

It is suggested and believed by most that women need SOME make-up to achieve the "natural beauty" look. It is even said that if men were to see most women without make-up (ie NO make-up at all) they would run for the hills.

So I am curious to see how much of this is true.

Guys do you know make the difference between "natural beauty" and "no make up at all" Which do you prefer generally? Do you find that make-up is the ultimate tool for women if they don't want to look plain?

And girls, how do you feel about this distinction?

I mean, as a girl who does not use make up on a daily basis and when I do I put as little as possible, I am sort of shocked by how media try to make women believe that men would run for the hills if they were to see them bare -face (if I may say so). What a great way to build insecurities among us by telling us that natural beauty is achieved by "a little" make-up and that aside from rare exceptions, most of us are very scary without it!

What do you think of this?

I believe that women need to take care of themselves, skin, hair, their brows and any excess hair. And I believe that a woman who takes good care of her body in a healthy way can be very beautiful and radiant.. I also believe that women should be wary when using make up and make sure they're not putting too much chemicals on their face as if this might make them look good for now, it might also damage their skin sooner than expected.. Needles to say, my beliefs are completely opposite from what is being taught as a general rule.

Natural beauty or Make-up free ?
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