What time is the super bowl Halftime show tomorrow?

When does the halftime show start and end? :P How long is it?

And aside from Bruno Mars who is performing? :P

Oh then what is the one showing tomorrow? :O is ther singing or performances for the Rose Bowl then?
Theres not one that has Miley cyrus performing? :P I thought there was one and it was tomorrow? :P


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  • The Superbowl isn't until the 2nd of FEBRUARY.

    So far, Bruno is the only performer that has been announced. There were talks of there not being a halftime show because of the logistics of setting and then disassembling everything during a possible blizzard. But since it's going to be cold, it's likely it won't be a huge show. Just keep tuning into the Superbowl website here:


    As for times, the game starts at 5:45 so you're looking at the show starting anywhere between 7:15ish at the earliest to 8:30 at the latest.


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  • I already answered this in your original question. The Marching bands from both schools will most likely be performing. That's usually the tradition for the Rose Bowl. The game starts at 5pm Eastern Standard Time so halftime will most likely be at about 7 o'clock for 20 minutes but they usually don't show the bands performing (usually just game recap).

  • It's a travesty. Should have been Bon Jovi - they're from New Jersey, and they're the best arena rock band going.

    Cheesy pop stars like Bruno Mars shouldn't be doing the super bowl. Plus, he's Hawaiian, so surely it would make more sense for him to do the Pro Bowl (in Hawaii) instead?

    It's the dumbest choice since, well, Beyonce last year...

  • For the Rose Bowl? It's usually the Marching bands from both schools (Michigan State & Stanford). If you're referring to the BCS National Championship (or the "Super Bowl" of college football), it'll be Dierks Bentley on Jan. 6th.

    • @UPDATE: Miley is not headlining any halftime show.

    • oh I must have hear wrong! :O

  • It's one month and a day away lol


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