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He isn't getting the hint to unfollow a girl I don't like off IG, am I being irrational?

My boyfriend and I dated from 2015-2018(earlyish 2018), we were on different pages and i needed to remove myself from the situation. Fast forward to Oct 2019 we are now back together and are both happy, on the same page and wanting to be together. I did something terribly wrong and went through is phone and during the time we weren't together he was talking to his friends cousin (a girl he always told me he "didn't know) through Instagram.

She was married at the time (not anymore), and doing this behind her husbands back. There conversations were sexual but nothing more than that. Cheating was NEVER as issue in our previous relationship but I always had my eye on this girl. She's the type of girl who uses her looks to her advantage and will keep trying to make conversation. I told him how I felt about her and he told me he's waited so long for us to be together, she means nothing. I still do not like that they are following each other.

I know it sounds REALLY petty, but considering what I saw and me knowing how she operates, I don't like it. So my question is, if she is insignificant to him, why does he feel the need to continue to follow her? He told me he would unfollow her if that's what I wanted but I don't want to be controlling, and that's exactly what that would be. I just wanted him to be like "look this chick doesn't mean anything so let me unfollow her so avoid future issues it may bring up." I feel crazy writing this, let alone thinking it.

I just need some raw positive feedback because I am going insane. She's really pretty and maybe that's where my insecurities come in? I know looks aren't everything and if they could be together, i'm sure they would. I'm just lost and need good advice?

Thank you.
He isn't getting the hint to unfollow a girl I don't like off IG, am I being irrational?
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