Why do my obsessions start so much drama?

I found a straw from starbucks on the carpet at work. I went around the whole office freaking out trying to find who left it there. No one fessed up. I am consumed by t. My underlings at work had a secret Christmas party last night at the bar and did not tell me about it.

This kid who has a messy desk. I assume it is him who left the straw out. so I keep bothering him about it. He keeps saying He wants to have a nice day and he doesn't want to talk to me, because corporate says he doesn't have to and everytime he does he gets writ up by me. I tell him to clean his desk right now.

He ignored me, so when he is at lunch I throw everything in his desk including his starbucks drink in the trash. He totally freaked out because he couldn't find his report he was working on for my boss. He should have thought about that instead of ignoring when I was asking him questions about the straw.

My boss wants to know why for people were ready to quit today. I get the feeling he thinks I am too mean to them. I can't help they are so sensitive and they lie and can't let stuff go.
9 mo
I think it i s wrong to go to Starbucks. Too much sugar and a waste of money. I lectured everybody on it during a meeting.
Why do my obsessions start so much drama?
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