Which gender follows you more?

I only saw the difference in numbers when I went to check someone's profile and thought

"Heyyy, you know what might be worth doing? Try checking how many of each person is following you, you may be surprised!"

And boy was I, having girls as my main followers truly did surprise me <3

Thank you girls, I appreciate it very much and I am glad I am helpful to you!

And to the guys who follow me, thank you very much as well! If people weren't following me, I would probably be paranoid and thinking that I wasn't helping anyone or making a positive change to those who need it, with each follower I begin to believe more that I am helping each and every one of them :)

I recently got another follower and I followed her back because something tells me she is going to give some really good posts in the future and I want to be notified about that stuff for sure, she knows who she is, so go on and have a good time on here! :) Go ahead and choose between the
Olympics one
or the
Koe no Katachi AMV version (A silent voice)

Or watch both! :D

Have a wonderful Boxing day and New years! That is of course to people who might not see more posts from me <3
Which gender follows you more?
Girls are my main followers
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Which gender follows you more?
Boys are my main followers
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Have a wonderful New Years everybody and I will see you in the next year!
Which gender follows you more?
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