Should I wear a dress to this New Year’s Eve party?

So my boyfriend invited me to a New Year’s Eve party. It’s at his apartment. He says he doesn’t know how many people will be at the party. I don’t know if the party is casual or fancy or anything like that, in other words, I don’t know how everyone will dress.

I kind of feel like dressing nice because I can’t remember the last time I’ve dressed nicely since I haven’t been to any events in which I would have the opportunity to dress nicely; also my boyfriend has never seen me in a dress before (only been together for almost 4 months), so I kind of want to see his reaction. However I don’t want to come to a party overdressed since I don’t want any unnecessary attention (especially if anyone gets drunk and tries to do something extremely stupid).

The dress that I plan on wearing is a black and white mid-length polka dotted dress with black flats, nothing really sexy since again, I don’t want any unnecessary attention. What do you all think? Should I wear it tomorrow at the party or wear something else that’s more casual?
Should I wear a dress to this New Year’s Eve party?
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