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What to do about this Christmas fail?

my fiance and i are living at his mothers house to save for our own. he is a very hard worker and may only get 24 hours over Christmas to be home. Christmas is also my birthday and i dont have any other family to spend it with. i spend a lot of time planning his Christmas presents because i have the time. this year i had them done by September. his birthday is just after new years. so i buy his birthday gift at the same time.

last year he spent an afternoon running around shopps a few days before Christmas for my presents. i didn't mind it being last minute since we had only just moved and he was working non stop.

this year he asked for a list from me... i gave him a list. as Christmas is getting closer he's stressing out. i said "half the stuff on that list could have been ordered online" (i did that to make it easy for him) . he spent a few hours at the shops the other week and then asked his mother what i spent on his gifts. now he's semi mad at me for spending big on his presents. (i got him 2 presents. one for his birthday and one for Christmas and both are good quality things i know he wants) . i told him i dont need him to spend the same amount on me. i even offered since he couldnt find the time. to go buy my own presents for myself (which is not a bad thing. i used to do it all the time when i was younger and had a huge family) . he's rejected this option.

my problem is that he can't seem to think for himself what id really enjoy for a present. he's stressed cus he has no idea. he's stressed cus im already organised. I've tried to make this as pain free as possible by literally telling him what i want and where to get it. i dont know what to do when i open up a bunch of random stuff that he just got cus he's trying to match what i spent. to make it worse he's going on and on about how he hates Christmas and were not doing it next year. what would u do?
What to do about this Christmas fail?
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