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Ex sent me a Christmas card, help?

Long story short we broke up a couple of months ago, it was more him doing the breaking up and we ended fairly amicably saying i love you. He hurt me a lot and broke my heart. We agreed to no contact so i have not contacted at all. He sent me a Christmas card saying i hope you are okay and signed it lots of love with his name. I don't know if should send a text saying thank you or not? I personally don't think i should and neither do my friends as i have been healing from no contact and i don't think it needs a response. I am just curious as to why he signed it lots of love and if he would expect a reply? i am just confused and i think not responding is best as he said he wanted time and space and me saying thanks for the card would just open me up to vulnerability. If he really wanted to talk he should have callled or asked to meet up but i think the card isn't needing a response
Ex sent me a Christmas card, help?
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