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Christmas gift dilemma?

Hello, uhm a few weeks ago my boyfriend had given me an early gift for Christmas. He had given me an item. Obviously I truly appreciate his gesture and how thoughtful he is with everything he does for me. The problem is his choices with style/items. they aren't close to my style... what I'm saying is how do I not hurt his feelings when he sees me not use a different item than he got me? I would wear it but the item doesn't go well with every clothes I wear.. and yes I'm very particular with things I wear.. We are truly opposite when it comes to fashion. He purchase items for how practical they are, and I choose items that speaks and compliments me. I'm just worried about hurting his feelings when I use a different item than what he bought me. I don't want to appear ungrateful because his gift means a lot to me.
Christmas gift dilemma?
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