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What type of food is a luxury for first worlders?

In Jamaica, eating fast food is like a special occasion event. When I was a kid we never visited these places unless a well off relative took us there, or we've saved up enough money to go, or get promised a big deal from KFC is we behaved, that always turned out to be a lie. Even though whenever I go to a fast-food place the line is always long, most people here still consider it a luxury. Now that I am an adult and I have no responsibility besides bills and a dog, I can afford it and don't necessarily see it as a luxury anymore. I choose to eat it occasionally which is still exciting for me when I do. But it's not because I cannot afford it, I just stay away from it most of the time.

Luxury dining for me now would be at a classy seafood restaurant, which is where a friend and I plan to go this Sunday. They sell in various buckets sizes, lobster, shrimp, you name it. They have very good reviews and I've seen the plates on IG, I believe I will love it. Even though they are expensive, it is still reasonably priced for our economy. I won't be able to go too often but I can treat myself for the new year.
What type of food is a luxury for first worlders?
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