Is this girl pretty and attractive?

Well I am her super fan, This girl maybe you know her, maybe you don't know anything about her.
Her name is Miranda Cosgrove, Famous Disney TV show ใ€ŠiCarlyใ€‹ She is a singer also as we known as iCarly, If you have watched that show on Nickelodeon Channel !

There some MTV list you can search on Youtube If you like her. By the way her vioce is amazing !

Leave It All to Me 2007
Stay My Baby 2008
About You Now 2009
Raining Sunshine 2009
Kissin' U 2010
All I Want for Christmas Is You 2010
Dancing Crazy 2011
Leave It All to Shine 2011

I Highly recommended Dancing Crazy and Kissin' U , They are very good songs

Miranda Cosgrove
Is this girl pretty and attractive?

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Come on I got the girl !


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think she's pretty. A very unique look. I used to love icarly when i was little haha

    • Yes, Her look is very unique, She's mixed, and her skin so pale. She's very attractive. Awww, I'm glad you have watched icarly, That's a very good show, I still love icarly now !

Most Helpful Guy

  • She has a very cute look about her. I imagine she would be a great girlfriend


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  • Yes she is very attractive

    • You always find people attractive, I like that ! You're a sweet guy :)

  • Someone's a bit obsessed lol. I used to watch iCarly all the time. I loved that show. Miranda is pretty asf but I'd pass on her since she doesn't really have a body. But she still fine as hell.

    The fact that she has my initials too makes her a little special to me.

    • Her body is good I think, At least to me yes.
      She has your initials, What's that mean?

    • Awww, Yeah I am her super fan, That's why I post so many her pic

    • I do this thing where if a fine ass celebrity has my initials, then they're special to me in a way. Something I've been doin since I was little.

  • Miranda Cosgrove is a whore.

  • The fan is ugly as fuck!