Are round features considered unattractive?

I'm an 18 year old girl.
-5'3" tall and a chubby pear so my hips and thighs are larger in proportion to my upper body (my tummy isn't that big but sadly my butt kinda is :c )
-My eyes are round (being Asian a lot of people comment that my eyes don't fit my ethnicity LOL)
-I have a button nose which I kinda don't like cause it looks a little like baby noses
-My lips are average so I can't really complain
-Eyebrows are dark and straight LOL they look kinda funny in my opinion cause I always look confused
-Tiny dimples that only show up if I smile a lot (2 on my right cheek and 1 on the left)
-My head is also really round but if I smile in a certain way then you can actually see that I have a chin (I'm told that my face shape is a heart)
ANNNNYYYWAYYY if people were to describe my physical appearance in 1 word they would say "round" which worries me cause society seems to value angles LOL like all the beautiful women in media have angles and at least a few sharp features.


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  • I'd be attracted

    • But I lack angles LOL too round I feel like I'm just made up of circles

    • So, some like me like that

    • LOL okay thanks for answering

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  • Sounds good to me - The ideals in the media are only the top 1% in the world, don't try to compete with them - Look at the other 99% of normal people around you and also consider that there is way more to life than looks plus beauty is definitely only skin deep.

    • Thanks for answering! I won't c:

  • Lol... Dat ass and dem tighs sure are hot to me. As for your face, it seema alright, but i can't make a clear picture witout a pic, sorry :-D

    • LOL I kinda hate my lower body cause it's hard to find pants that fit properly. XD

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    • Lmao thanks!

    • You are welcome

  • Are you Mongolian?

    Frankly, you lost me at the word, "chubby".

    • Haha no I'm not Mongolian. I'm Chinese but most people in my family have double eyelids which makes our eyes look bigger than people who have monlids. And we don't really have the whole "slanty" eye thing like people stereotype Asians to have.
      As for the chubby thing, yes I'm chubby. Not to the point where I have rolls but I def have thick legs and a large butt. I can understand why most people would not be attracted to that actually so thanks

  • anything round on a girls body is sexy. But a round face is not if im honest

    • tbh, i saw your other question. And i would say that i find you very unnattractive. Your face is soooo round and you have discolored teeth.

    • Oh uh I didn't ask another question
      I don't post pics up here in general LOL

    • Actually I'm curious though
      So you have the link to the question you thought was mine? I wanna see what she looks like LOL

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  • It's really hard to tell without a picture. Describing features is pretty pointless as it can easily go either way.

    • Yeah I can understand that
      I don't like posting pics up here though so descriptions are the next best thing haha