Guys, what do you think of this computer generated ideal face shape?

Guys, what do you think of this computer generated ideal face shape?
On the right is the 'ideal' face shape for a woman, computer generated, and based on mens' preferences. (The relevant study is summarised in The Telegraph and surely other newspapers too.)

I posted pictures of both the female and male 'ideal' face so that we could compare the two. As you can see, the woman's face is quite wide, but has a narrow jaw, i. e. a heart-shaped face, whereas the man's face is narrower and slightly longer overall.

The reason I'm asking this question is that, men's preferences in this study (and in others I've seen) are for a heart shaped, i. e. quite wide in the cheeks, face for a female, whereas on this site, I've seen quite a few people saying they like long, thin faces, like this type of shape:

Although lots of models, for example Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss, Daphne Groeneveld, and the model below Miranda.

Several photographers I know (they do fashion, lingerie and art nude, their work has appeared in British magazines) tell me that wider faces (coupled with a narrow jaw, like Miranda and the other model above) photograph better than long, thin ones, which aren't very good for photographs.

Why do you think that some people like long, thin faces?


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  • Going through your photos - I tended to favour the rounder wider face, I thought I might go other way but when I left it to instinct I picked wider face


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  • @jxpxtxr, this has been my reference for the facial ratios i was talking about

    • Thank you for answering this. Please would you answer my other question?

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    • ur right, wow

      but i was talking about things like ratios of features
      like pupil to pupil distance is 0.46 times the width of face
      nose at bottom is 0.26 times width of face
      mouth is 0.35 times width of face
      mine is 0.47, 0.285, 0.37 respectively

    • Lol see, that's your problem - you don't view the whole picture.
      I could present you with a picture of ET and you'd call him beautiful bc his facial ratios are fine lmao

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