Women’s Day


Happy Women's Day: Do you think that women in general have achieved equality?

  • Women have had already achieved it, and now, they are trying to be superior to men.
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  • Yes, women of the world have achieved equality.
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  • No, there's still a long way to go.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Drunk woman kills two pedestrians: sentenced to time served and alcohol rehab.

    Black man exonerated of rape charge after 3 years imprisoned via DNA evidence that he had to appeal for over a decade after it became available to have taken: compensated $75. His false accuser faced no punishment.

    Teen girl throws baby out her second story bedroom window, killing it. Sentenced to therapy, paid for by the taxpayer, 200 hours community service, I'm not kidding, disallowed from having a Facebook account until she is 18.

    Millions of women abort babies without being required to have consent from the father: legal and taxpayer funded.

    One guy disagrees with keeping the baby and induces abortion in the woman he got pregnant with abortifacent pill: serving 13 year sentence.

    Those are just some news high lights from recent years of the top of my head.

    Women havn't achieved equality, they've achieved legal supremacy.

    • Ahem. Speaking the truth.

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    • Wow what a typo... that black man was not released after 3 years, but 31. His name is Lawrence McKinney, for anyone who cares to edify themselves of the nothing more than simple FACTS that I have recited, instead of merely advertising your willful ignorance with you little down votes.

    • @Immortal_God_King they don't care about facts... their feelings are far more important

Most Helpful Girl

  • In the Western world, yes. But there are still many women in third world countries that are far from the equality we have.


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What Guys Said 55

  • It depends on where in the world you are talking about. In the Western world, they generally have. In what we used to call the Third World they have a very long way to go.

    Per se, I have no real objection to the idea of Women's Day, but it seems a stretch to turn a biological fact into the basis of an extraordinary recognition. It all seems rather overdone.

    At least in the context of the United States, it is a bit behind the facts. Women are graduating from high school and college at much higher rates than men. More men die by murder and suicide. More men are in prison than women. The lifespan of men is declining for the first time in American history, women are living longer. Men's incomes are stagnating, women's are increasing. (Accounting for differences in tenure and experience, breaks for pregnancy, etc. the wage gap between men and women is all but gone.)

    By the data, women in the United States are thriving and men are in trouble. Yet, contra the data, we persist with an outdated assumption that women are oppressed and in need of recognition just by virtue of the fact that they are women, rather than on the basis of what they have accomplished.

    We play the fiddle while Rome burns. We have seen the effects of the afflictions impacting men - including more single mothers, increased rates of delinquency, rising drop out rates among boys, among much else.

    All in all, we would be better off confronting the facts and dealing with them rather than making of fetish of who has a vagina.

  • Women have for the most part always been equal to men. The only way you can come to the conclusion that they are not is if you actively ignore all the things men go through that women don't which feminist do. For instance women not being able to vote which every one knows about, but what no one talks about is that men for almost all of history couldn't vote either. In fact in the US universal male suffrage did not occur until 1853, 67 years before women, in the UK it only happened 10 years before womens suffrage. The other problem is they ignore why men got it sooner then women which was due to two things, one that men where forced into conscription against their will in every single nation in the world without exception through out all of history which women never had to do (and in fact in the west they where also conscripted into bucket brigades for fires as well as possess for the police (in the US at least)) which would result in imprisonment if they refused. This was the primary reason why men where even eligible to vote, because they where contributing to the running of the countries with their very lives. The other reason that held women back from the right to vote was in fact women. They saw what men had to do to get that right and they refused, in fact one survey done in England stated that 70% of women did not wish to have the right to vote explicitly because they did not wish to have the responsibility of being conscripted against their will. The list goes on. In fact this is a right that to this day women have that men don't, by law the only way a man gets the right to vote, take out state and federal loans, be eligible for state and federal grants, get a license is if he signs the selective service card which allows the government to conscript him if they deem it necessary, women on the other hand get access to all of these things simply by virtue of being born in the US.

    You see the same thing in other nations. Take Boko Haram for example. They had been protesting not the educating of girls but the educating of children in the western systems. Yet when they killed a 100 boys and let all the girls leave, no one batted an eye. When they went to another school and told the girls to leave and never again enter a western style school while burning alive 50 boys ranging in age from 8 years old to 17, again no one batted an eye, it was not talked about. It was only when they kidnapped 100 girls and did not harm any of them did any one take notice

    • So we know that for the most part, men are the ones with issues but because we are not as inclined to address them (and they are numerous and far out number anything women are currently going through) it only seems as if we need a women's day. I mean what did this site do for men's day? What did you do? Probably didn't even know we had one because no one can be bothered to care about it. So statistically and anecdotally and historically we can say quite conclusively that women have never been oppressed and have never needed a "woman's day".

  • Women in the west exceeded gender equality a while ago, and are just fighting now for more and more gender specific perks. Women virtually anywhere else get treated like dirt, but western women are far too petty, stupid, and arrogant to even lend a thought to those women. And feminism is cancer.

  • Women in developed nations : Yes. A very long time ago.
    Women in third world nations : Yes but only in major cities.
    Women in third world nations : No. Majority of women don't have access to good education.

  • i guess it depends on what we mean when we say "in general"
    progress towards equality has certainly occurred and in large steps in the last 100 years. but we still strive for true equality for all people

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What Girls Said 21

  • It's actually really annoying. Why do both men and women want quotas for men?

    You don't pout for your respect, you earn it through merit.

    I don't expect boys to treat me any differently, because I'm a girl. However, I know they do... but they do and usually in very sweet gestures, and while I'm not attracted to men, I still think men drew the short straw.

    Suicide statistics for men explain that pretty clearly.

    • Sucks to be a man. Glad ah ain't wone. I wouldna treat none differently cos you got a snatch.

    • Preach my lesbian sister 😁

      I wouldn't argue men got the short end of the straw, but I think that is a valid discussion in a world where the opposite is strongly assumed.

  • There is no 100% gender equality and I'm fine with that. There is never going to be gender equality to max, but there can be a decent amount of it. Both genders deal with their experiences of inequality. Not just women. I feel like we're good enough right when it comes to the whole equality thing when it comes to women. There a couple things I could rant about, but I don't care enough to go full out feminist on it. lmao

  • This is nothing more than a hallmark tradition now for women in the West. Are we that insecure we need a holiday with gift giving to feel better about ourselves? For those in seriously suffering places, okay... but we are forgetting what the point of this holiday is and now it’s becomming meaningless and something to stroke our priveledged egos. Gross.

    • Yeah it's political correctness i m o. We are kind of in the middle of a victim Olympics. How offended can you be? We'll give you things for your outrage.

      I mean, if they dropped the level of political correctness, then I would feel more desire to want to support the small issues. I listen to bloomberg business, and there are even serious people on there advocating for fixing a wage gap. I heard a girl "angel investor" group the other day, focused on trying to support womens' start ups. That's all great and everything, but I feel like supporting people by their merit or their ideas makes much more sense then by their sex. They want to subsidize the gender I guess. I've even heard companies using the marketing idea of trying to get buyers because a girl owns the business. It's too much judging by the color of skin or gender for me. I'd rather judge by content of character like MLK.

    • @cavmanier Right on. I'm with you.

  • In the western world, not in 3rd world countries obviously.

  • I say women in the western world have gained equality but in places like the middle east especially where muslims thrive women are treated like crap and I'm not ok with that so I think if todays feminists want "equality" maybe go to the old world in the middle east where muslim is oppressing women

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