Ladies? I'm going to ask her to marry me...give me some ideas how?

I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me. I'm taking her to the beach for her birthday weekend and want to ask her while we are at the beach. I want it to be romantic and something she'll always remember...I need some ideas?


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  • check the tide times first, you dont want the tide to come in and ruin the moment for you both! this is SUPER ROMANTIC though!! she's a lucky girl

    i would spend the day together and then go and sit at at able and have a meal on the beach with her at sunset or when the light starts to fade a little with little tea cup candles in a big heart shape , use a shell ring box (you can buy them online cheap if you google them) like this so she doesn't suspect a thing until its opened and you're there proposing in front of her. have a bunch of shells decorating the table and then pretend one dropped on the floor, get off the chair and kneel to pick it up then grab her hand and propose and open the shell with the ring in it

    or maybe horse back riding and have a friend guard some wet sand with "will you marry me?" written in it so no one comes and destroys it before you get there then a candle lit picnic is spread out next to the words ready for you both to dismount and eat?


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  • Make sure there are not a lot of people around and don't go too over the top, a lot of women don't like that. The beach is pretty romantic on it's own. Maybe take her out for a nice dinner and then go to the beach in the evening to ask her. I got proposed to in a park under a tree and there were some people around who saw it, but it wasn't awkward.

  • You could go to the beach without her first and gather all the shells that you can find on the beach. Once you do that use them to spell out Will You Marry Me? and of course take her to that exact spot.

    I would personally cover her eyes with something and walk her to that spot.

    Oh and maybe have a friend wait there so no one will move any of the shells and make sure if you do it make sure its far away enough from the water.

    Oh and Good Luck =)

  • awww how romantic (i always dreamnt about this moment)...set a nicely decorated table...then kneel down for the big question..good luck


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