What is marriage to you?

is it important or have any value? Is it any different from just being committed to each other?Is it important to you or not?

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  • I don't need marriage to be committed
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  • It's ball and chain
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  • I don't know yet because I am not married yet. However, I view marriage as a sacred thing. I don't want to rush into it since I take this seriously. I only want to marry once (no divorce etc.) When you're married, you have devoted yourself for that one person thus I don't want to rush it because it has to be with the right person. It is different than just being committed to each other. You share more feelings together, discover more things about that person because when you're married everything that is yours is his and his is yours. You learn more things, you compromise more things etc. You will consider bigger decisions like buying a house together, having kids and how to handle things (financially etc.) You will feel more secured and it takes more responsibility than just being committed in a rel. You can't just walk away like that because in marriage, you are more involved with each other's families. It takes more responsibility, more courage, of course you need to be in love with that person as well, learn how to respect each other more etc. So, yeah, that's how I view marriage.


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