needy, desperate or really confident?

what would a guy think of a girl who showed interest, addressed awl his concerns positively, despite him saying "i really dont know what i want? would he consider her, needy, desperate or really confident?
because he was so confused, it was her investing her time and effort..was this him not being interested?
y does he not delete her off, if he decided to not reply to her last text? she told him too, if he was not interested...
would he consider her a nag, just coz she gave it her awl, and was so spontaneous and positive to giving them a try...
is he likely to go back for the girl once he figures out what he wants or would he be too much of a pussy...
just what does a guy think of such a girl?
the girl didn't constantly ping, call him... it was just texting...
do guys actually feel good wen a girl actually shows interest? does it mean anything, that there was a girl that tried so hard?
or would he just be lyk "oh im the man! she was so hard up for me' when speaking to his friends...
is he not deleting her coz she's just a back up plan when plan a doesn't work?


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  • It's good when a girl is as bold and forward as you are but if you're too overly forward then it can push him away.. Nobody likes someone who is to desperate. Try ignoring him for a bit and see how he reacts to it.

    • he's the one ignoring me ryt? since he didn't reply to my last text..why doesn't he just delete me, if he doesn't want a serious relationship ryt now, and i've told him he can and i won't take offence...its 10 days now, no news from him and i haven't msgd him either coz i dont wanna seem naggy and desperate..coz im not, just thought he was mr nyc guy and i wanted to give us a chance...
      thanks for answering..helpss a lot

    • Yea just ignore him also.. Wait for it, if he likes you he'll text you back. Also yes, sometimes guys don't know what they want and when they finally get things together and realize what they do want they'll come around. And you're welcome.

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  • That is too many questions for one ask.

    • hehe, answer one..why do u think he hasn't deleted me off as yet?

    • People don't usually deleted people they just leave them.

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