To whom i propose the get married?

I am having a bad luck in my life. Whomever i propose they get married. Only diff is not with me... I am a big ime jock always respected among men. Into martial arts. Practising teetotaler nvr sniffed alchohol. Then why it happens to me... i am being frnz with two girls whom i proposed both are older than me. they got married within six mnths of my proposal. It sucks u know... whom are in my same boat? Girls and guys!!!

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  • I think first you have to date and be gf and bf before you propose. I don't know How it is in India but the ideal scenerio here is date, then gf/bf relationship, then marriage.

  • That's probably because you speak very poor English.

    Chicks dig it, when their man can structure a coherent sentence.

    • hahaha... thanks for ur compliment... my English is good for the country i live in... :) :) :) maybe my mistake is i profess to ladies elder than me... its a turnoff for most girls i believe...

  • You do propose quickly? X__X WOW SO MANY PROPOSES

    • nope... but i proposed after getting to know them in like 3-4 months else i would fall in friendzone...

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    • No dude, find someone who is worth it and stop with propose' you sound deseprate

    • Ok understood. I am not desperate. I jus said what i did earlier ;-) thanks anyways... iam no more. I gave learnt experience

  • Dude then propose to me! So I can get married

    • cute... but i am a person who meets in person and get to know them before take the big step

What Guys Said 3

  • The fact is that marriage isn't what it's cracked up to be.They may have done you a favour and you're not happy about it.
    It goes like this:Men love women, women love children, children love guinea pigs.Within a short time, the man pays, no-one loves him and the guinea pig wins.That's marriage, for the rest of your life or until she divorces you.There's about 29% chance she'll be cheating on you before she divorces you.

    There's about 50% chance that any wife will find you physically unattractive within 4 years of marriage, and the sex will stop.It doesn't matter if you're better than ever, this happens.Only 20% of womwn will still find you physically attractive after 25 years of marriage.When the sex stops, everything stops.Don't even expect a kiss when you go off to work in the morning to pay for everything.

  • is this a troll?

  • These girls you proposed to - how long were you dating them, and did you break up after the proposal?

    • Nope... we hungout at times and we started of as acquaintances

    • You weren't even dating these girls?

      Are you insane?

    • Yep i knw its not possible