What to do when you're in love but you're not sure if it will work out?

Me and my boyfriend of two years are definitely thinking about making things more serious and thinking about marriage. However, there are a LOT, and I mean a LOT, of factors that are against that. My parents highly disapprove of him, and marrying him would most likely mean severing connections with my family.

What do you do when you're in a situation like this? We are both committed to one another but it feels like the world is against us. Should you let it go? Should you fight until you make it work out?


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  • You both are over 18, and old enough to make your own decisions. And by your parents holding a carrot over your nose like a horse, is telling me that they will always Think they can do this no Matter Who Or What they "Disapprove" of. Nip it now, or forever cater to their whinny whims.
    The way I see it, you are marrying your soul mate, not your parents, and neither is he, and if they can't accept Him or What you have planned in the future, tell them to stay in their own barn until they are ready to come around. I think with this, they will eventually bite before or even After you walk down the aisle.
    You have heard the expression: "You can't fight City Hall," so why bother to waste your wind on their bag of wind. And if they won't give you away at the wedding, tell them you're On your way to the Justice of the Peace, and After this----Gone with the wind.
    If you start standing for what they want Now of you, you will continuously be stooping for everything else they shovel your way.
    Time to tighten the reins and be your own Master of Minds.
    Good luck.xx


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  • Im in a similar boat where me and a guy like eachother but my parents absolutely hate him but i love him and in the situation i/we are in i've said screw them its my life and i will be with the boy i love and we've spoken about being together when older and with marriage at first it was like well they couldn't come so it;s been decided that if it comes to your situation then if their really your family and love you then they will dislike it but they have the choice to come and if they dont like it that much they can fuck off x
    they've had their time to grow up and fall in love make mistakes etc now its your turn they can't control you and if they dont like the fact your a grown woman and make your own decisions then they need to shut the hell up

  • Follow your heart! My sister married a man that everyone hates, we tried to talk her out of it but it just wasn't happening. Even though she married his shitty ass we still love her and their baby, they (my sister and my niece) are our family no matter what!

    • Do you think, in retrospect, that he was a good match for her, or do you still stick by your gut feeling that he wasn't right for her?

    • No, I still believe he wasn't right for her. But keep in mind she raises his two other kids that aren't hers and puts up with his crazy ex wife. He don't help her out at all...after she had the baby he would leave her at home with all three kids with no money or food and at that time she couldn't even drive! Hell she drove herself to the er when she went into labor because he had took a sleeping pill and wouldn't get up...knowing that she pretty much in labor when he took it! Everyone made it the hospital way before he did! All she did was make excuses for him! And he has cheated on her in the past but I still believe he does and that she knows but just plays dumb to it 😠. My sister is a very pretty girl and could have almost any guy she wanted and be treated like she should be!

  • No, HE will always second to my family. I'll drop him like a hot cake if the family doesn't like him. Just me.. wayyy too much drama you're dealing with. Just go with your second best option that your family likes too.

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