I think I'm getting proposed to tomorrow, is it ok to be getting my hopes up?

Let me start of with, I never had any desire to get married until I met my current boyfriend. We've been talking about marriage a lot, I know that he has gotten a ring (he told me) and has already started planning a proposal (he sent me the wrong email, which I deleted before reading). Anyway, tomorrow he gets home from a 16 day trip. The other night in one of the texts he wrote "I love you, and I adore you. I will spend my energies and will power making a happier life with you than most ever dream of". He's kind of sentimental but not that sentimental. So am I right in thinking he's going to propose when I pick him up from the airport in 13hours or nah?

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Also he is part of our college' choir (this is their England tour). One of my friend in it had mentioned when I was talking to her about him and I discussing marriage was that they had learned "proposal" songs and said "I know what he's doing"


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  • The airport doesn't seem like a romantic place, and he might be tired from his trip. It seems unlikely he would propose then.

    • The only reason I'm thinking so is because he is part of our schools choir (he's traveling with them) and one of my friends, who knows we've been talking about marriage and is in the choir had told me that they had been practicing a bunch of "proposal" like songs and then added "oh I think I know what he's doing". I don't know how else he'd get them all together without it seeming weird. But you're right the airport isn't very romantic, especially not ours.

    • And by school I mean college.

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