Why aren't they telling people they're engaged?

Why would a couple not want to announce they're engaged and getting married? I know a couple where the woman cheated after they first got engaged, so he broke up with her for like 6 months. Now they're set to get married very soon and still have only told a small handful of people (me included). They said some they're telling and some they're not...they're both in their thirties and both have amazing careers, I don't see why they wouldn't want to announce they're at least engaged again since they're getting married in two weeks! No announcement, mention or social media post.


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  • Well, if the couple that you asked the question about. Is the
    same couple where the woman cheated and they broke up and
    are now engaged again. They probably aren't telling anyone,
    because they know people wouldn't be too happy that he still
    wants to marry her even though she cheated on him the first
    time they were engaged. So, to avoid critcisim and people
    giving there opinions about there relationship. They probably
    figure it's best to not tell too many people and only tell
    the ones they know won't judge them and are planning on inviting to
    the wedding. That would be my guess.

    Or, maybe they don't want a big wedding and they know if they
    tell a lot of people they'll want to come and maybe invite a guest
    or two or three. And, so maybe to avoid the drama of having to say "no". It's just easier to tell a few people and that way they can keep it small.


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  • They may only want immediate family with a few friends at the wedding. Some people like it private and only with the closest people possible.

  • Not everyone would approve. Obviously.


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  • maybe because they don't wanna be the centre of attraction

  • maybe they are eloping