Can you turn a h** into a housewive?

guys would you marry a woman who's hot but shallow or a normal looking girl with great personality?

what would you choose between a virgin woman and a woman who had multiple relationships before

and do you think you can turn a "hoe" into a housewife?

girls do you think you could stay married with a man if he had financial problemes? if he couldn't provide for you anymore?

between a man who never been in a relationship and a man who had multiple failed relationship who would you choose to marry?


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  • Do you people know what a whore is? A whore is a woman who exchanges sexual favours for payment.You could class a lot of stay at home wives as whores.
    Can a whore retire and do housework, cook, raise children, act and dress in a dignified manner and remain faithful to her husband? Of course she can, and I've known some who did it quite well.A retired whore who can cook can make a perfect wife.

    A woman who's shallow, selfish, stupid and has a history of cheating on partners will never make a good wife.

    Marrying a virgin is like buying a car with no warranty, without even having a test drive.


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  • You can't turn a hoe into a housewife. There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who have sex casually, and those who have sex in relationships. You can't try to make one type turn into another. That's a big reason why "open-relationships" always fail.

    So if you are as much as a hoe as she is, congrats. Elope for the rest of eternity. Otherwise don't mix things up.

  • I don't know sounds difficult. I can't stand shallow girls, but the typical shallow girl wouldn't want me so...

  • a virgin woman anytime hands down. And No I dont think you can turn a Ho into a classy house wife


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  • I don't think you can turn a hoe into a housewife. My husband tried before he married me and it left him with nothing but problems! I knew his ex wife long before I knew him, so I knew how she was. She cheated on him and all kinds of stuff. He worked two jobs and went to school full time...all she did was go to school. Before, during their marriage, and after she screwed so many people!

    Once they divorced my husband took all the bills from their marriage, he didn't know at that time she cheated on him. So when we got together about a year and half after their divorce he was still paying on all that stuff, I knew it going into out relationship but I would still get upset about it. I wouldn't marry him until most of it was dealt with, we couldn't buy a house or anything because most of his money was spent on paying all those bills and he's the one who brings in the most money. We got married about a year ago and we still can't move because his credit is so jacked up...because of her. We fought a lot over him paying for all the debit from his 1st marriage, we don't fight about it now because that's all took care of! It would make me mad though because she was just a whore and he was basically still taking care of her in a way (paying for her car), but I'm not a whore I've never cheated on him nothing but I couldn't have a home!! A home where OUR children would be raised because he was paying for her shit! We dealt with a lot, he had surgery and then lost his job, but we made it...we never had to ask anyone for any help. I stayed because I love him and I'm in it for the long haul otherwise I would've left long ago.

  • You can't turn a how into a housewife.

    And I wouldn't stick around with a guy who can't provide finacially.

    • thanks for answering. So you wouldn't stick with a husband who can't provide for you anymore even if you married this guy I guess for better or worst. Why would you not stick around? I'm judging by the way, I'm just interested to know lol

    • I'm married and my husband provides financially. He knows very well if he didn't provide I would leave him. We have kids and I'm a stay at home mom under his wishes. Its just how my marriage is set up. We both agree to it.

    • ok I get it