Has your boyfriend told you he thinks you are the one for him?

I am just curious.. I was sitting here thinking about some of the things I, myself, hear from my boyfriend. I was wondering how many boyfriends tell their girlfriends they want to marry them.

Please share =)


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  • My boyfriend told me that he wanted to marry me within the first month that we were going out. But of course, I've known him since I was born and I've wanted to marry him since I was 4. Lol. But it's great because he calls me his wife and tells my mom all the time "i'm gunna marry your daughter someday"


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  • My boyfriend told me within 2 months that he wantes to marry me, still feels that way til this day. marriage, big house kids etc. It's cute when my guy catches me off guard when he tells me these types of things :)

  • my boyfriend has told me that be for we been through a lot we been together for more then a 1 an he seid he wants to marry me and have a baby , an guss what happined he anded up cheating on me. if I were you don't rush in to things.

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