Nervous as hell and I can't figure out why.. =/?

I am getting married in 10 days to the love of my life. We have been together for 6 years and have 2 beautiful children together.
The closer the days come the more anxiety that happens.
I can't pin point why. All that's happening is a piece of paper being signed.


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  • lol its ok and happens to everyone its just your natural and rational fear of the finality of it all and what if heaven forbid something happens? so know thats what it is and like the cold lake jump in head first itll warm up quickly


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  • 6 years, you are about to plan more... What's there to be nervous about? You already have your love and family built, and marriage is the bond to keep the 2 of you together. You will become one, and it's going to be work. After 6 years, it's not the marriage title that makes you nervous, it's probably the unknowing future.