Guys, help me out please. Marriage is failing!?

I do everything my hubby asks of me and then some. I stand up for myself, but I also manage to give in most of the time. Yet, he is never pleased. We've been married seven years. Does the way he's acting mean he's not in love with me anymore? I'm trying not to feel insecure, but I can't help it sometimes.

Sorry for the lack of details. I accidentally put 18-24. I am actually 38 and he is 37. We don't have any children together but we each have children. He adores my kids and treats them as if they were his own. As far as the specifics of his requests,
They're very simple requests. I don't mind doing them. It's not sexual, just like grabbing him a beer, etc. He's not given me any reason to believe there is another woman. He goes where he says he's going, his phone has no secrets, etc. He just


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  • You do not give much information except that he is not pleased in general and makes you give in to his unspecified demands. I have considered that you've already expressed your concern to him, that there is no "other woman" in the picture, and that you have no children.

    After seven years of marriage he may be evaluating his place in the world and finds himself lacking. He possibly finds himself tense and pressured by the outside world and you become an easy target as the little wife he can pick on to regain his self-respect. In other words, it is him and his own self-doubt. Not you. This is just conjecture and guessing on my part.

    The primary difficulty here, though, is not his behavior but your feelings about the relationship. He owes you respect as his wife, and if he does not give you due respect he cannot respect himself. If he is picking on you, demeaning you, or otherwise being disrespectful, you absolutely must show him that you are a sentient being and refuse to be subjugated like a pet. You may have to shout and argue with him to regain your self-respect, but you must assert yourself.

    If his surly behavior rises to a point of violence you will have to be strong and call an end to the relationship. Forgive me this banality, but you must love yourself before he can love you.

    • Basically he just picks on me. Like he'll say that i don't do anything for him, that I've quit on him. Believe me, i don't keep quiet lol. I give it right back to him, and when i do, his whole attitude changes. He acts like he'd fly over the moon for me. I guess I'm just confused at why it's like this all of a sudden. I love him and i don't want to leave, but I'll be honest, I've been considering it.

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  • YOU HAVE BEEN MARRIED since you were either 11-17 years old? whaaaaat? arranged marriage? not enough info

    • This may be his true character. Once you are married you made the commitment, unless he cheats on you divorce is not the way. You should communicate with him about this. I do not understand the problem.

  • give him some more?


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  • It sounds like the romantic passion has sizzled out in the marriage?
    This would sound hysterical but I came up with several reasons...1) he 's a secret closet gay
    2) Erection problems
    3) p*rn addiction
    4) He is not attracted to you anymore. The course of the relationship has run it's course.

    • Lmao. That is hysterical because that would be the only one of your choices it could be: he has no problem with erectile dysfunction, we have sex 3-4 times a week, which in my opinion is phenomenal for our age and the fact that we're no longer newlyweds. If he's not attracted to me anymore, he has a strange way of showing it. We both initiate, so i believe he's still into me that way. I just don't understand why he's being a douchebag.

    • I think i have been watching too much jerry spring show clips lately...:P

    • Lmao. Jerry Jerry Jerry.
      And now the hubby has turned normal again. Treating me good. Maybe the full moon we just experienced? Hell, who knows. He can be such a great guy. It's just that when he turns into a douchebag, he does it full on. I don't know if it's natural psychology or if it's me that's the problem.

  • You should describe about him more so that we could help you. Answers vary depending on what type of guy he is.