What of these "love" Couples do you like the most?

shiro/saber (fate stay night)
Archer/Rin ( fate stay night)
Gilgamesh/saber ( fate stay night)
link/zelda. (zelda)

well my thoughts are.

(((shiro saber my thoughts are they are holy and we would make a great couple they seemed really happy.)))

Archer/Rin... Well they seem to be lost but they seem to have a good Chemistry. but i Think its the wrong essence.

Gilgamesh Saber...I Think Gilgamesh is geninune if he commits and they can have a great relationship. don't know how great.

zelda link. one of my favorites because... i get the feeling they are heroic and good and a mirrior image of my self.

  • shiro/saber
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  • archer/rin
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  • gilgamesh/saber
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  • zelda link
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  • Your anime favorite couple and why you tell me :) vote this if you are unsure or rlly wanna tell me :)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Asuna and kirito (Sword Art Online) cause it's the most epic show ever and they are just too cute together.

    • tell me more?

    • Have you never heard of sword art online? It's so good (in my opinion anyway). It's about a game that traps many people inside it and they have to battle through 100 levels to make it back out. If they die in the game or if someone tries to force them out of the game they die. And somewhere in the midst of all this chaos these two front line players meet and fall in love. It's so amazing and I think there's a second season coming out like next month! :)

    • isent that guy a moderator?

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