How to propose a girl such that she won't feel awkward and love the way and just agreed?

I like a girl the most since my school days
we have not to each other

i had no courage to say her that i like her

but now she is leaving somewhere else
where i will not be able to go or may not

may not i will get address

so i have last chance to say her
actually i had fallen for her

i love her the most

so how should i say her my feelings

should i propose her or not?

If yes then how should i propose her
such that she like the way the most

i am ready to do anything for her
i just wanna make her happiest girl ever

i am ready to make her my bride and live my whole life with her
without her there is nothing in my life

so please help
i have only one chance to talk with her
i don't know what will i do if she will have been gone
Plzplzplz reply soon


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  • Ok, I am sorry, but you need this let one go. You should only propose to woman, (which is asking her to marry you), if you both love each other and know each other very well. From the sounds of it, she hardly knows you. I think you are setting yourself up for disaster and disappointment! You are skipping straight to step 10 without doing 1 through 9 first. It doesn't work that way. She may be flattered, but no woman in her right mind is going to say yes to you. You would be better off just being open and honest with her and telling her you like her and you would like to keep in touch her while she is gone. At least this way she won't freak out because someone she doesn't know very well asked her to marry him. Maybe sometime later down the road it can work out.

    • But as i said
      i thought that i will contact her and become her best friend and then ask?
      Then she is just leaving
      may be state may be country
      because of some reason

      what should i do,
      i really love her the most
      i don't loose her

      thank your for ur reply
      it is hurting and painful
      but though thanks a lot for saying honestly

    • For sure, you need to at least contact her. Hopefully she will be able to keep in contact with you while she is gone and may be she will come back one day soon. Good luck!

    • Hope u r right
      one day
      may be come soon

      thanks again and appreciate ur honesty
      i want stay in contact with u
      so that i can ask u and get honest answers

      thank u very much
      please try to stay in touvh with me

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  • hug he wiper in e ear that you wil miss her and then pu away a little and kiss her lightly

    • Dear i think u have not read whole que

      we have never talked with each other
      and if i will do what ever u say
      In this case she will slap me

      and may be her relatives will crush me

      i have only one chance to talk
      please reply

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