When one of the girls asked him about marriage...he didn't have a clue!

I've been living with this guy for 6 months. Once when we had a "discussion" he told me he loved me and would consider marriage if that's what I wanted.

Recently one of the girls in the office (a flirt!) asked him if would ever get married again (he's divorced) and he told her "I don't have a clue"!

Big difference from what he told me!

Guys...please help, what should I do! I'm not so sure I'm looking for an engagement ring right now...but I'm concerned that he would say such different statements!


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  • After having that "discussion" the first time has marriage been brought up again? I ask because he told you that if YOU wanted to get married then he would CONSIDER it, not that he definitely would just that he would consider it. So when he's co-worker asked him about marriage it's not surprising to me that he said he had no clue. He's mind isn't made up and he'd be lying if he said yes or no. Having no clue doesn't necessarily mean no. Besides it seems like he's leaving it up to you to talk to him about it anyway and if you're in no rush for an engagement ring then don't fret over his comment it'll only drive you crazy.

    • Yes, this has definitely made me crazy, plus I'm embarrassed that the girls at the office are privy to his thoughts!

    • Don't let it drive you crazy but if it bothers you that much then maybe it's time for the marriage talk again. Sometimes it takes a situation to make us realize that what we say and how we feel can be totally different.

  • Not to say that guys are shallow...but are less readily emotionally available. In other words, it may be that you are reading into this too much, which is heavily influenced not singularily by your man's response, but who he expressed it to, a preceively loose-moraled woman.

    Maybe he didn't want to allow her into his true feelings. I doubt he would have stepped anywhere around the marriage button with you if he had no future intentions...but keep quiet track of his actions/statements, if you what you ultimately want is a committed relationship.