Baby Fever? How do you know when your ready?

What's it like to have baby fever? How do women know they are ready for children?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Now that I'm a mother I have baby fever. I used to think that I would grow up a workaholic that would be divorced or not ever get married not have children but I was way off.
    Pregnant at 18... baby at 19. Now I'm 21; stay at home mother; and I can tell you that having a child is going to be the most difficult task of your life. I know for a fact that no matter how prepared you think you are financially, mentally, emotionally... You're not going to be 100%. It's a beautiful experience and having a child is lovely like nothing that you'll ever have known, though it's best to be set in stone that you want a child. You're bringing another life into the world and once they come, there's no going back. Make sure that you or you and your spouse (preferably husband first) talk things out and make sure that he's fine with children. Make sure that you're stable in you're relationship with your spouse and that you have spent enough time together and alone and he feels the same. Also, financial stability is a must and is necessary for child preparation (save money for future expenses like college/car/clothes for all ages/ birthdays). Make sure that you and him are on the same terms when it comes to "how" to raise your child, sometimes that's an issue for some couples. Make sure that you can handle sleepless nights, stress, strong emotions. Pregnancy is one thing but no matter the age you're learning everything about your baby the hard way first hand, they have their own personality along with 50/50 of you and your spouse. You'll never be completely mentally ready but when you and your spies feel emotionally ready for about a 6months to a year then it's time for a baby.
    Fact: most women do up to 80% of the work when it comes to child care.
    Since I'm a stay at home mother I do about 97% of the work.


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What Guys Said 3

  • It's something you talk about with your spouse. You both want to be steady in your own relationship and have talked about the extra burden it will put you both through. Then whegrgn you both feel you have a steady home and you both feel you can share that love with another then you are ready.

  • Having baby fever does not mean you are ready. Please understand that babies take a lot of time and money. Your child and you will have better life if you are with a spouse, have a house and have a good job with benefits!

  • I had baby fever when i turned 24. Now I'm a dad :/


What Girls Said 4

  • Look up the cost for daycare - in some cases its like paying a second mortgage ! The younger the child is the more daycare costs. It is so easy to get pregnant forgive the cliche but it only takes one time. Once you do it there's no undoing it. So I kinda feel like if you are asking this question your are more than likely not ready and I don't mean this in a mean way.

    • My husband says being a stay at home mom is better for the kids. But thanks for the daycare advice. ^-^

  • You know when you are financially stable and you and your husband agree on it :)

    • *you know when your husband has enough money, and you just want a baby... to then find a reason to divorce him, claim it was his fault then sponge off the state and deny him visiting rights.
      (translation service for your answer provided for free)

    • That's terrible. -.-

    • @26ukduke: Why so bitter? I would NEVER do that, when I get married it's forever.

  • I had a baby at 17, I'm now 22 and I constantly have baby fever, but until you are financially, mentally, relationship stable then take it as it is.. A simple reproductive intuition all women experience it's part of us, we feel motherly instincts simply because if we didn't, we wouldn't reproduce.. Don't take it too seriously, Enjoy your freedom and money while you have it xx

  • how to know when your ready:
    have talked about it with your partner
    have money saved up to take care of said child
    have a steady income

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