Live-In Reltionship or signing agreements between GIRLS & GUYS and renewing, may replace marriage system. How do you say GIRLS?

Hi Girls, The present marriage system is in bad shape, not doing so well, living together with understanding or living together with well defined how to live charter / code of conduct, arrived at, documented and duly signed by both girls and guys, may replace the marriage system, ceremony, rituals, tradition, the priest, lavish expenses, dowry etc. In front of invitees, U may sign. Registration of this agreement may be made compulsory. How do U feel, please come out with your views, Ladies first.

Hi Girls, would you vote for the Traditional Marriage System or vote for The Modern Relationship Agreement. Please come out.


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  • I vote marriage if you're ready and mature enough for it. But if you're divorced then I vote The modern relationship. Marriage to me is a one time deal. If I was to blow it the first time I'm not going to go through the whole ordeal again. I think some people rush into marriage too fast these days and have unrealistic ideals of what a marriage entails.


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  • I would be fine with either. I'm not dead set on traditional marriage, but I'm not at all against it either, so it comes down to what my partner would prefer in my case. I'm sure he'd be fine with just some contract arrangement if that's what I preferred, but I'm not super for or against that either. He's already expressed that he wants to marry me though, and I'm happy with that. His mom lives across the country and told him a long time ago to let her know when he thinks he's found 'the one', and she has a ring that she wants to send for his future wife. He told me just tonight that he wants to tell her that he's found her. =] We'll have to resize it probably, but it does make me feel special because he didn't even request that for his ex wife when they got married.

  • I would go with traditional marriage. It's an institution so old it's gonna survive a few bumps. What you're suggesting is basically a contract, what would go in it?
    Because you can't legally define behavior in a contract. Like if you were to say that you want your girlfriend not to nag you, that's nothing that would up in a court.

    In essence marriage is a contract too that comes with legal, social and financial consequences, if you break it. Ask tiger woods or bill clinton. we have had civil marriages for quite a while now, if you don't any of the ceremony, rituals, tradition, the priest, lavish expenses, dowry etc you don't have to have it. So the only real difference there between marriage and your suggestion is that the government grants married couples some benefits, such as taxes, easy inheritance, testimonial and communications privilege. And it'd be stupid to not take advantage of that

  • Nope. Nope nope nope. I need a marriage to live with someone and be intimate with them. The majority may not take marriage seriously but this girl does.


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